Saturday 11th of July 2020

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Honda Malaysia - Honda Freed

What could be better than a premium 4 seater? A premium 4 seater plus an idea. An idea like a dual layer dashboard for all instruments, keeping the centre free for a walkthrough path. An idea like third row foldable seats for passengers or extra luggage. An idea like automatic sliding doors with anti-pinch sensors.

Introducing the FREED, it's full of ideas.


More than just style and comfort, the Freed carries a powerful 1.5L 118PS i-VTEC engine power that gives you a thoroughly satisfying drive anywhere you go.

1.5L i-VTEC Engine
A car with innovations should have a small, compact yet powerful engine that sips, not guzzles fuel. That's why the Freed comes with an improved 1.5L i-VTEC engine that produces 118PS, through its enlarged intake valve diameter and torque boost resonator.


The Freed is designed with space in mind. With a unique flat walkthrough cabin space, four captain seats and dual layer dashboard, the Freed allows plenty of room, plenty of ease.

Low Tailgate

Load and unload cargo easily with the low tailgate opening.

An idea that matches a triangle and a square together perfectly, the Freed is a seamless combination of flowing aerodynamics and maximised space.

Alpine DVD Player

Watch DVD's on the overhead monitor or connect it to a game console, iPod or video camera via its Gameport. It comes with two wireless headphones to keep your passengers entertained.
*Only available in Grade E

Tailgate Spoiler

The addition of the tailgate spoiler streamlines the sleek exterior of the Freed.
*Only available in Grade E     

Front Bumper and Grille

A sleek front bumper and grille dominate the front with smooth contours for enhanced aerodynamics.

Halogen Headlights

Halogen projector headlights give the Freed a subtle wind swept look, while providing better visibility at night.     

Tail Lights

Tail lights complement the Freed’s tailgate for a stylish flair.     

Alloy Rims

15 inches of solid alloy rims for a dash of elegance in your sprint.

Multi Layer Meter Cluster

Use animated displays like bar graphs and meters that communicate all information such as fuel level and mileage on your journeys.

The Freed accomplished a winning 6-Star JNCAP rating with all its meticulously thought out safety ideas to give you the freedom to roam.

Fuel Lid Auto Lock Safety System

The fuel lid auto lock safety system is a mechanism which prevents the sliding door from opening fully when the fuel lid is open.     

Shift Hold Control & Grade Logic Control

Stable driving around corners by holding a low gear is standard for Freed; it even features Grade Logic Control for traversing hills.     

Automatic Sliding Doors with Anti-Pinch

The automatic sliding door is equipped with anti-pinch sensors that reverse the closing process when an obstacle is detected.
*Only available in Grade E

Dual Front SRS Airbags

The Dual Front SRS Airbags are designed to keep the occupants safe by measuring impact energy and ensuring the safest possible deployment.     

6-Star JNCAP for Safety

The most significant ideas added to the Freed were in the realm of safety. From anti-pinch sensors that detect obstacles during closing operation, to having an auto locking fuel lid, these are just some of the reasons Freed can truly claim to have all angles covered. After all, it did garner a 6-Star JNCAP rating.

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