Saturday 11th of July 2020

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Honda Malaysia - Honda Jazz


Individuality runs in your veins. Being different is something you embrace. Challenging convention liberates your spirit. If there is one car that gets that, it's the Jazz

This 1.5 litre hatchback now stares sharper ahead with its gunmetal mesh grille, newly-added fog lights and doubly aerodynamic bumpers. With a re-crafted interior and spacious cabin for unrestricted freedom to explore, it is a car that is individually distinctive, just like you are.


Powered by advanced Honda technologies, the Jazz is designed to offer a performance deemed superior in its class. The unprecedented i-VTEC engine, unsurpassed control, refined handling and over half a dozen other brilliant technologies all make the car move like clockwork; and one very outstanding machine for those just like you.

The Unprecedented i-VTEC Engine

The 1.5 litre, 16 valve i-VTEC engine is capable of unleashing 120PS worth of raw reviving power. And as you enjoy its brisk acceleration, rest assured that the engine also helps to keep fuel-economy at its maximum level too.


Inside the Jazz, form and function co-exist in harmony. Inspired by the unique needs of different drivers, the car is designed with a sedan-like cabin space, as well as interior styling that looks as good as it is comfortable.
Coupled with more creative ideas for spaciousness and design, which are thoughtfully-incorporated into the interior, it's simply a joy to drive the Jazz.

Spacious new Coloured Interior

With a sedan - like cabin space, it provides ample comfort for you and your passengers, no matter how long the drive.

Intelligently designed with superb ergonomics, the Jazz effortlessly impresses the moment you step into the car.

Refined Outlook

With a stroke of matte black outlining its silver headlights, this simple enhancement makes the biggest difference. The piercing stare is also infused with a gunmetal finishing to escalate its character.     

Exclusive Bumper

The racy bumper gives Jazz a stronger "jaw" and a new set of fog lights adds aesthetic value while better-litting the road.
Its rear bumper also adds an unexpected twist. It accentuates the Jazz attitude with its gill-like cutting at its sides.     

3-tier Tail Lights

To complement the overall new distinctive look, the taillights have been simplified to three tiers - ensuring clearer indication when braking, reversing or making a turn.

Bold New Interior

Jazz up with a fresh new black & blue coloured interior, with amber coloured Triple Meter Cluster and stereo vibrancy. The convenient USB port also enables a plug and play drive.     

Great Front Visibility

The car gives you a great front view with thinner A-pillars and an extended windshield. The windshield wiper blades have been redesigned to improve visibility when driving in the rain.


For many years, engineers at Honda knew that to build a good car meant that it was not only able to deliver exhilarating performance but it would also be able of keeping its driver and passengers safe.

The safety features in the Jazz include technologies that define some of our engineer's lifework. Not only do these features help keep you or those inside the car safe - it even minimises harm to pedestrian outside. Now this is forward thinking.

G-Force Control Technology

Safety in a Jazz begins at the very first stage in car-making - building the car's structure. In the event of an accident, G-CON helps to minimise injuries by absorbing and distributing collision energy to other sides of the car.     

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Vehicle Stability Assist controls sudden changes in vehicle behaviour, keeping the driver in control. When driving in unexpected situations, or tight cornering, the system stabilises the vehicle, reducing counter-productive driver tension.     

Dual SRS Airbags

The airbag system works simultaneously with the 3-point ELR seatbelts to help reduce injury to the driver and front passenger.

Efficient Braking System

When you step on the brakes, technologies like ABS, EBD and BA intelligently kick in, ensuring that you stop safely without skidding.

Proven Real-World Protection

The Jazz was extensively crash-tested at Honda's exclusive Real World Crash Test Facility to ensure excellent protection in car-to-car collisions.

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