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Stay ahead of the game with this whole new outlook of the Honda Accord. Stylish chrome front grille, bumpers, front corner sensors and its sporty 17″ alloy wheels bring out the chalenging nature in you. The Shiny new chrome trunk lid and jack-knife key acts as symbols of your aspirations in a league of it’s own.


The Accord completely redefines driving enjoyment with its industry-leading refinements and keen considerations for the planet.

Powerfully Efficient Engines
The Accord is equipped with two types of engines- the 2.0 litre SOHC i-VTEC, 2.4 litre DOHC i-VTEC, promising sporty performance and fuel-efficiency.

Ambition needs room to roam. From the quiet, calm cocoon to the complete suite of controls, the Accord’s interior projects a strong feeling of personal space, style and sophistication.

More Spacious Interior
The floor is now lower and the wheelbase longer to provide more space. Tandem space has been increased by 25mm, knee space b 35mm and distance between front occupants by 40mm. Floor height is reduced by 15mm through an optimized exhaust system layout, a thinner floor frame and slender fuel tank.

Elegant, comfortable and highly advanced. From its sophisticated décor to the rich leather seats, you can rest assured that the Accord accommodates your tastes.

Advanced & Powerful Exterior

The Honda Accord is the outcome of our all-out pursuit of sedan excellence. The result: a bold exterior with an air of luxury, yet with a sporty youthful feeling.

Door Mirror with Side Turn Lights*
Door mirrors with side turn lights add a dash of style to safety.

*Not available in the 2.0 VTi model

Command and Control
The centre panel consists of a dual air-conditioner temperature control and premium audio system*.

*Only available in the 2.4 litre model

Sharp and Stylish

A wide body and a wider track give that solid, planted feel. A sharp-edged design with muscular wheel- arches, a distinctive nose and long, flowing lines form a taut and athletic shape.


Safety has no limits. The safety package in the Honda Accord is more armoury than mere assurance.

G-Force Control Technology

G-CON absorbs and spreads collision energy, helping minimise injury for everyone − occupants, passengers in other cars, bikers and pedestrians.

Active Headrests

Active headrests provide support for the head and neck, supporting the prevention of neck injuries should a rear collision occur.

Follow the Curve

Vehicle Stability Assist helps stabilise the car while you’re manoeuvring tight corners and driving through unexpected situations.

G-Force Control Technology

Honda’s G-CON technology is developed to disperse and absorb impact energy, reducing injuries and significantly improving safety for everyone involved in a collision, be it the driver, passenger or the pedestrian.

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