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Innovative technology paves the way for better, enjoyable driving. The City goes beyond the conventional expectations of compact sedans with its ingenious features. Take your driving experience to a higher level.

1.5 liter i-VTEC Engine

Experience class-leading performance and fuel economy. The 1.5 litre i-VTEC powerplant lets you achieve lower fuel consumption without compromising on engine output and even environmental consideration. The engine is compliant with Euro 4 level emission standards.


With all this room, you will never be restricted. Live your life as you want.

Large 506-litre Trunk Capacity

The trunk space in the City is much more spacious than it looks. It effortlessly fits 10 shopping bags with maximum storage of up to four 9-inch-wide golf bags.

Advanced solutions for everyday practicality. Let the City conveniently organise your life on the road.

No More Spilt Drinks

Wondering where to put your takeaway coffee? With cup holders aplenty in the City, all you need to do is to choose.

Built for Music Lovers

Listen to your favourite bands on the car speakers. Connect your iPod or music device to the City’s audio system using the USB or AUX cable.

Keep Your iPod Safe

A covered audio rack keeps your iPod or MP3 player away from prying eyes, so that your prized music collection stays safe!

Advanced Audio

Connect your iPod or MP3 player easily to the audio system, which comes with equalizer modes and superb sound clarity. A high-power 45W amplifier and optimally placed 6 speakers* match cabin acoustics for listening pleasure.
** Only available in grade E

Take yourself to exciting places without any worries. With the vehicle protecting you from harm, enjoy many stress-free journeys. The City meets Honda’s high safety standards and its crashworthiness complies to the UN R94 Regulation – Protection of the Occupants in the Event of a Frontal Collision.

G-Force Control Technology

G-CON effectively absorbs and spreads collision energy during a crash, reducing injury to both car occupants and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Injury Reduction

Impact-absorbing front components (hood, hood hinges, front fenders, wipers, bumpers) reduce pedestrian injury in the event of an accident.

Occupant Restraint System

Specially designed seat belts keep you strapped in whilst limiting excessive pressure on the chest.

Braking Power

ABS, EBD & BA come as standard features, helping you stop the car safely while maintaining control and stability.

G-Force Control Technology

Honda’s G-CON technology is developed to disperse and absorb impact energy, reducing injuries and significantly improving safety for everyone involved in a collision, be it the driver, passenger or the pedestrian.

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